Awesome Looking AAA Indie Game

Since I’ve made my last post, I came across a really awesome looking AAA indie title named “Interstellar Marines.” It is a FPS Sci-fi, action and adventure game which is being developed by Zero Point Software A/S. The game has no release date yet, but it will be on PC, then PS3 and 360 later on.

From the look of the videos and images on the official website, the graphics looks really good and from the gameplay shots in those videos, it looks really fun. I would compare it to look like F.E.A.R. with a switch of enemies. Also, in one of the videos, they say , “Screenshots and videos are so last century. You are all invited to enter “The Vault,” which they describe as an interactive experience in your web browser. Inside of “The Vault” you can walk around and see how the game looks. Also found in “The Vault” is 4 gates. You can already enter 1 which says Marines over it, and for the 2 on the side, they will be unlocked in a little under a week, and the last will be unlocked in a little under 2 weeks.

Below are a few in-game screenshots. There are more images on the games official website if you’d like to check them out along with more videos and “The Vault.”

I am very excited for the released of the game. Hopefully one the last gates in “The Vault” will reveal a release date. If so, I’ll keep everyone posted about this game on my Twitter, which you can also watch on the right side of the page.