PlayStation 4 reveal at February 20th?

On January 31 on PlayStation' tweet and facebook at the same time posted that there will be an event on February 20 about "future of PlayStation"... Will this event unveil anticipated PlayStation 4 with more details or it will be something different, revolutionary or completely different...?! We will see at February 20th 2013.

Sony is inviting gamers to their event that will be held in New York to "see the future", be that day at 6 p.m in New York and witness "the future of PlayStation". There are alot of rumors right now so we cant expect what will be there, discussion about PlayStation 4, unveiling of it, PlayStation Tablet or something else...?

Please leave a comment, what is your opinion about this event and what you except to see there...


  1. A Wall Street Journal article pretty much confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will launch this year, so it's pretty safe to say that the PlayStation 4 will in fact be announced on the 20th of this month. Really looking forward to it.

  2. Me to... Cant wait to see how it would look... and final specs also!!