Speculation 101: PlayStation 4 aka Orbis

We all know the rumors about PS4/Orbis and Xbox 720, we also need to deal with facts that both of them wont be revolutionary or have a huge leap in graphics nor hardware since both of them will be based of PC hardware and thats a good thing, PC games can be easily ported to consoles and vice versa/other way around. Consoles will still have an ace up their sleeves, but it wont be like the previous time. Its the truth.

PlayStation 4(Orbis) may not have legendary DualShock controllers, that does not confirm they will write off the design of it nor that it will be completely incompatible with PlayStation 4. We may see a joystick similar to DualShock that incorporates touch pads from Vita or they will implement features from PlayStation Move controller. Sony maybe just wants to implement Vita´s touch pads, normally I would say dont fix it if its not broken, but I give it a pass. Next is the CPU or "Central Processing Unit"...

"Orbis" will use AMD´s Fusion CPU/APU, most likely A10 5700 or maybe even 5800k will be in "Orbis". The APU´s in A10 5700 and 5800k outperforms Intel HD Graphics 4000 twice, sadly A10 APU´s are outdated when Steamroller gets out. The cost of both CPU´s is 131.45 US Dollars for PC, for PS4 will be lower since Sony will get a discount because "Orbis" will be mass produced and integrated into the motherboard. We should now get into how much RAM(Random Access Memory) Playstation 4/"Orbis" will have...

There are rumors that "Orbis" will have only 4 GB of RAM and I don´t buy it. "Orbis" will surely have 8 GB DDR3 RAM, there was a strong rumour that it will have 16 GB. This year DDR4 RAM will be out, its knocking on our doors and I cant wait to see the price of DDR4. If somehow rumor that "Orbis" will have just 4 GB of RAM it better be DDR4. Next important thing is the storage where we store our games and recordings...

Sony plans nothing flashy about size of the storage, it will have size of 256GB and its not an SSD. 256GB is fine for storage couple of games, we can expect 512 to 1024 GB models. As production of SSD´s gets cheaper in the future we may expect a model with atleast 128 GB SSD or even 256 GB. It just depends if R&D on SSD´s refines and simplifies the production/manufacturing... We have seen CPU lets check the GPU...

PlayStation 4/"Orbis" will use AMD ATI Radeon HD 7670, Xbox 720 will use custom version of AMD ATI Radeon HD 6670 and yes both consoles will use AMD ATI´s GPU´s... 7670 is more refined version of 6670 except "Orbis" has an edge over Xbox 720 and that is the CPU that "Orbis" will use. A10 5700/5800k has APU that is twice as strong as Intel´s HD Graphics 4000 and because 7670 is refined version of 6670 it can use Hybrid CrossfireX(CPU´s APU and GPU working together thus - Hybrid)... PlayStation 4 or "Orbis" will have an edge over Xbox 720 and it will be cheaper than 720. Next optical media storage...

PlayStation 4/"Orbis" and Xbox 720 will use Blu-ray players/discs, since both consoles will use Blu-ray discs that does not mean a bad news for Sony... Why? Sony holds the rights for Blu-ray technology, Sony will earn a bit more cash since Xbox 720 will use Blu-ray even thought I expected Microsoft to use HD-DVD for Xbox 720... Guess that´s not the case. Sony: "Show me the money Microsoft"...

AMD/ATI´s hardware are cheaper and in some cases superior to Intel for the same price range, they always have a great bang for a buck. We all know how Intel fanboys love to brag how their i5 and i7 are better than all AMD´s CPU well when they saw AMD FX 8350 Vishera/Piledriver they faced a harsh reality... You want to know why well watch this video:


I will buy PlayStation 4/"Orbis" when I get a job. Main reason is that it uses AMD´s CPU with APU and GPU, now I can expect Half Life 3 running smoothly with 60 FPS in Full HD. Gabe, Half Life 3??

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  1. Interesting article. There is some information on here that I have yet to see. I've read about Sony moving away from the dualshock controller design, but I definitely don't agree with it. Sony needs to leave the controller alone.

    1. They will most likely make an improved DualShock, only thing that they will add is probavly a small touch pad behind. Jacob, things need to evolve otherwise it simply just dies... There will be a better controller to DualShock in some way. Maybe its the time..

    2. I understand things need to evolve, and I totally agree with how they are evolving the system. However, some things are better left alone in my opinion. We all remember what happened last time Sony tried rolling out a new controller style; the boomerang controller. Maybe something like a new peripheral would be more in order, ie. the PlayStation Move controllers. I guess we will just have to see how far they take the new controller design and how it turns out.

    3. Well adding a touch pad would be a good thing if well placed. They maybe make a DualShock with features from Vita and Move, I think it would be a kick ass controller. Imagine that you can control car, helicopter or a plane with your controler... A sterring wheel... Nice right?

    4. I think Sony knows from past mistakes to not completely change the controller, so I have hopes they can pull it off. Maybe at E3 we will see some prototypes.

    5. I think they can pull it off. Hopefully they will do the thing that I am hoping for, a dualshock with a small touch pad and a features from Move... It would be a blast since it would be toe to toe with keyboard and a mouse plus a stearing wheel. :D