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Hideo Kojima Speaks On MGR, FOX Engine, and The Phantom Pain in IGN Interview

IGN Middle East got an opportunity to sit down and have a chat with Hideo Kojima at a press conference in Dubai yesterday.

Retro Review: Tekken 3

Tekken series is one of the most famous and iconic series for Arcades and Playstation consoles made by Namco.

The Phantom Pain Alternative Trailer Analysis

Back in late December, Joakim Mogren, the CEO of Moby Dick Studios, released an alternative version of The Phantom Pain trailer.

Tomb Raider Multiplayer Footage

The latest episode of The Final Hours of Tomb Raider shows off some multiplayer footage for the upcoming Tomb Raider title.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Review

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD fills in some missing puzzle pieces in the Metal Gear Solid series.

Latest Articles

Battlefield 4 to be unveiled in next 90 days!?!

Latest information about Battlefield 4 is out, EA game label president Frank Gibeau said that they will unveil or release some details about Battlefield 4 as they announced that Medal Of Honor series are out of rotation.

A nice timing from EA after they released trailer for Battlefield 3: End Game DLC that add's two gamemode's (Capture The Flag & Air Superiority), three new vehicles and couple of new maps.

There was a leak about 8-9 months ago from EA China, in the leak there were some considerable information's/details about Battlefield 4 as implementation of female soldiers in the game, commander system is back from Battlefield 2,  three factions: USA, Russia and China, same engine but better...

Battlefield 4 will be released on current and next-gen consoles, current-gen consoles the Xbox 360 and PS3 will run game at 720p30fps32players while next-gen will run it at 1080p60fps64players... As said in the leak Battlefield 3 used only 30-40% of Frostbite 2 engine while Battlefield 4 will use about 80%, there will be auto-login and constantly being connected to internet... So yea there will be this notorious DRM as in Sim City.

Battlefield 4 will be released in Winter of 2013 or Q1 of 2014 as its rumored and not really confirmed...

Leave a comment, what is your opinion about possible unveiling of Battlefield 4? Is it true and possible?

PlayStation 4 reveal at February 20th?

On January 31 on PlayStation' tweet and facebook at the same time posted that there will be an event on February 20 about "future of PlayStation"... Will this event unveil anticipated PlayStation 4 with more details or it will be something different, revolutionary or completely different...?! We will see at February 20th 2013.

Sony is inviting gamers to their event that will be held in New York to "see the future", be that day at 6 p.m in New York and witness "the future of PlayStation". There are alot of rumors right now so we cant expect what will be there, discussion about PlayStation 4, unveiling of it, PlayStation Tablet or something else...?

Please leave a comment, what is your opinion about this event and what you except to see there...

Speculation 101: PS4 Dev Kit - January

Details of PlayStation 4 development kit first appeared in March of 2012, there were little details about it we only know that it will use AMD x64 CPU and AMD(ATI) Southern Island GPU in the development kit...

This month more details surfaced/leaked about PS4 Dev Kit by SuperDae who got hands on the alleged Xbox 720/"Durango" Dev Kit and tried to sold it on ebay, he gave PS4 Dev Kit details to website Kotaku. Kotaku published specs and other info about PlayStation 4 development kit and other relevant things... Lets see...

PlayStation 4 Development Kit specifications(hardware):
CPU - 4x Dual-Core AMD64 "Bulldozer" (8 cores)
Video Memory - 2.2 Gb
System Memory - 8 Gb
HDD - 160 Gb
Ports - 4x USB 3.0, 2x Ethernet
Audio Output - HDMI & Optical, 2.0, 5.1, 7.1 channels
Drive - Blu Ray

CPU that is used in PS4 Dev Kit is surely the Jaguar, a low power version of Bulldozer that is designed to be effective with various switches and modes to lower power consumption. From what I remember Jaguar can turn on and off cores as needed and its 8 cores are clocked at 1.6Ghz with means all together 12.8Ghz.

GPU for the PS4 Dev Kit is the Southern Island GPU as its R1000 except it will be improved since from the information on Kotaku its R10XX, this could be the clue that there will be improved Southern Island.

Video Memory is important and it will be 2.2 Gb and more than enough to play at 1080p60fps if you expect for play Battlefield 4, Uncharted 4 or Singularity. Except this is the Dev Kit and not final PS4 hardware specs.

System Memory is about 8 Gb in the development kit and thats more than enough since its rumored that PS4 will use 0.5 to 1.5 Gb for its Operational System. Another rumor is that will have only 4 Gb, except it wont be DDR3 or DDR4 but rather a GDDR5 memory even thought this rumor is maybe true... Well I dont agree.

The size of HDD(Storage) of PS4 Dev Kit is 160 Gb and that does not represent storage capacity of PS4 since this is an development kit and not the official specs of PS4. The size of HDD is more than enough to store the game on it, this could also be the clue of some sort. 2 to 3 blu ray disc games since its actually normal to suggest when you see how much game graphics and the size of games have gone better and larger than previous console generations. From silly 100kb to huge 30 Gb games with superb graphics and sounds.

Audio Outputs support/in PlayStation 4 Dev Kit are 2.0, 5.1 and 7.1 speakers, HDMI and optical. Its a common standard and nothing special. If you got that and that, sure it will work on PlayStation 4, no problem.

Drive in PS4 Dev Kit is Blu Ray drive and its now almost a standard since Xbox 720 will also use Blu Ray drive, since Sony owns the patent if I remember correctly. Well Sony will earn a bit more cash now, its ironical that if Sony console does not sell well it still will get some money from Microsoft because of Xbox 720.

Since development kits does not really represent hardware of final PlayStation 4 you cant really expect a beast since it would cost too much and that is not good since the world is in recession because of banks...

If you want to know specs of previous PlayStation 4 Development Kit then please read this article:

PlayStation 4 Development Kit will support DualShock 3, Sixaxis and Move controller. There is a new controller in development for PlayStation 4. It will have similarities with current pads/controller.

Please leave a comment if you want to discuss or share your opinions about this article...

Crysis 3 Beta Begins January 29th

Crysis 3 Multiplayer Beta
 With the released of Crysis 3 only weeks away, Crytek is giving us a chance to play in the open beta on the 29th of this month. The beta will become available for download on the PlayStation Store January 29th and will last until February 12th. The beta will include two game modes, Hunter Mode and Crash Site mode, and two maps, Museum and Airport. Check below or on the PlayStation Blog for more information on this open beta.

[Via PlayStation Blog]
What modes will be playable in the beta?

Hunter Mode: This multiplayer game mode is all about survival of the fittest. There are two teams, initially comprised of two permanently cloaked “Hunters”, and up to 14 CELL troopers awaiting extraction. Each trooper slain respawns on the Hunter team to prey on their former allies, building to a frenetic climax. If any of the troopers survive the round, the hunters lose. Whichever way you play, Hunter Mode delivers a heart-pounding test of strategy and survival.

Crash Site Mode: This multiplayer game mode is the ultimate King of the Hill-type experience. An Alien dropship deploys a pod at random around the map. Players on each team must remain near the dropped pod in order to capture the zone and accumulate points. Each alien pod holds two shields players can utilize defensively as weapons. In addition, each Crash Site map will have a “Pinger,” a CEPH-constructed walking weapon of mass destruction. But be careful: other players can hijack the Pinger while you’re inside!

What maps will come with the beta?

Museum: Roam the dark Ruins of Museum in downtown Manhattan and use the verticality to your advantage.

Airport: Close to the financial district, nature has taken over buildings and planes in this open fields area.

The full game has 10 more maps and six more game modes that are not to be found in the Open Beta.

How do I install the Open Beta on PS3?

The Open Beta will be located for download and installation on PSN in the demos section.

Where do I go if I have a problem, comment, or question?

The Crysis 3 forum at is your first stop. There will be threads for each problem as well as for comments; please post in the correct forums. You may find the answer to your problem already posted by someone else in the community or answered by one of the developers. When posting a new problem, please include as much detailed information as possible in order to help us understand the issue and resolve it.

What state is the game in? How close to final is the code I am looking at?

This is an Open Beta, which means most areas of the game are nearly complete; however, we are still looking at balance and polish. Feedback is always welcome.

Do my comments about balance or gameplay matter?

Absolutely. We will read every post. Keep it constructive and keep it civil, but keep it coming!

Is there single-player content in the Open Beta?

No, the Open Beta is only multiplayer content. The goal of the Open Beta is to serve as a final testing of the game’s backbone and features, and to give fans and the curious out there a chance to play the game before it is released.

Preview: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

As most of us know, the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance demo was released yesterday on the PlayStation Store. For those who were unable to get their hands of it, I've gathered some information and got a play-through of the demo myself so I can enlighten everyone on this Metal Gear Solid spin-off.

While the art style and cutscenes seen in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance are very familiar to those who have played Metal Gear Solid 4, the games are very different in gameplay. There are points in the game where you are able to "sneak" by, but you most definitely can't complete this game without killing any enemies. Rising is meant for the player to go through annihilate enemies and cutting them into pieces. 

The gameplay has a parry system, which can be tricky until getting used to. Along with that, Raiden can run around quickly in a free-running style to avoid attacks or move from place to place in a hurry. There are three basic types of attacking in Rising: Heavy attacks, light attacks, and blade mode. The most interesting, and fun, of those is definitely blade mode. Blade mode allows the player to freely control the blade by using the analog sticks. This is an awesome feature to the game. It never gets old slicing enemy cyborg bodies in half. Although blade mode can't be used in mid-air, Raiden can use other attacks while jumping.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance takes place after the events of Metal Gear Solid 4 and has the feeling of a Guns of the Patriots sequel. Rising opens in an African country where Raiden has trained PMCs to protect that country. The opening cinematic introduces new characters to the series and tell about how Raiden lost his arm and eye. I won't go into details about everything talked about in this scene, but you can check out the demo to see it for yourself.

 All-in-all, Rising definitely will remind a player of Metal Gear Solid; even show some familiar faces. And the story does tie in well with the Metal Gear Solid series, continuing Raiden's story after his previous appearances. One major disappointment I had with the game is the fact there won't be an online feature this time around. However, there will be extra VR missions that can be accessed through codec. Guess we'll have to wait for Ground Zeroes to get back Metal Gear Online. 

This has been a quick preview of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. If you'd like to ask me any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below and I'll answer them. Also lots of questions have been answered on IGN, so feel free to click that link and get to know the game a little better.

Indie Spotter: OverDose - Team Blur Games

"This isn't just war... Its an all out apocalypse"

OverDose is an multiplayer first person shooter set in post-apocalypse Earth after a global war, its team based with classes and objectives. After global war there are only two surviving factions in OverDose...

OverDose is made by Team Blur Games that was created in 2000 as a modding team for Quake 2, their modification Quake 2 Evolved was a graphical conversion at some point for Quake 2. After some time they decided to make their own game since they have a felling that Quake 2 Evolved will never be "completed".

OverDose at first was a modification for Quake 2, after some time they decided to scrap the storyline and elements from Quake 2 since they felt its not right using someone else's ideas, vision and desings. OverDose  goes standalone with new plot, game and engine and fresh multiplayer gameplay.

OverDose plot is set 143 years after a series of events that caused launch of ICBM's all around the world and scaring the Earth, from that global war two faction has risen. Confederate Marine Corps that are regular human beings that survived the apocalypse in the bunkers and trying to keep their people alive in this cruel world and The Marauders. Marauders are the remnants of the other part of humanity, scared from the radiation, complications since their ancestors dint or could't find a shelter as the nukes exploded all around the world, they rely on cybernetic implants to keep them alive longer and having weapons made from scraps.

OverDose is an multiplayer first person shooter focused on teams and classes with wide variety of customization of the characters, arsenal/weapons and equipment. OverDose will have a huge "freedom movement" meaning that you could drag your wounded comrade in a firefight, give a friend a push to access some areas and pulls you up, sprint to some cover and slide to it when caught in a firefight...

ID Tech 2 engine is used for OverDose except its heavily modified and improved over the original adding shadow mapping, skeletal animation, post-processing effects, volumetric fog and lights, GLSL, terrain & foliage, etc... The graphics are amazing and the graphics in the options will be very tweakable, Team Blur will release full SDK of the game for the modding community to mod the hell out of their/this game.

Team Blur will also focus on network code of the game, as they stated they will polish as much as they can adn they will packet compression for network code to reduce bandwidth usage. OverDose will support up to 64 player servers, LAN and voice chat.

OverDose will be released for Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 most likely this year.

If you like this article and want to discuss or share your opinions please leave a comment...

(Updated) PlayStation Store Down For Maintenance After Update
For those who have tried to access the PlayStation Store today after updating the store, may realize that it is currently down for maintenance. The following message appears when trying to view the PlayStation Store once the update is complete:
This service is currently undergoing maintenance.
I have yet to see when the service will be back online, but I'm assuming it won't be long considering we have the weekly store update today. Keep your controllers ready; Metal Gear Rising and Dead Space 3 demos will be available for download today.

Update: We are back online! 

Retro Review: Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear series is one of the most popular and influential series made by Konami and Hideo Kojima. Metal Gear series was released on wide variety of platforms like MSX2, NES, PS1, GBC, GC, PC, Mobile, PSP...

Metal Gear series are based around mechs, more precisely a walking tanks with capability to launch ICBMs anywhere in the world and they were called "Metal Gear", trough series Metal Gears are important part of the series and our main characters deal with them. Kojima designed Metal Gear as an fictional weapon.

Hideo Kojima was interested into illustration, he wrote stories with 400 pages, he was interested in movies and he wanted to be a film director. He played games on Famicon and decided to join video game industry while his decision shocked his colleagues, he applied to various companies and was rejected ultil he applied to Konami. He was sent to MSX home computer division in position of designer and "planner".

Kojima´s gameplay ideas were rejected since he had lack of familiarity with programming and was repeatedly snubbed for his failures in the first couple of years at Konami. Afterwards he got a chance to work on Penguin Adventures as "assistant director" and vastly improving it over its predecessor.

After Penguin Adventures he was developing his first game called Lost Warld, but Kojima´s superiors rejected his game. Kojima was asked to work on Metal Gear, because of limitations the game was not possible as an action shooter and he decided to turn it into a stealh oriented game, it was released on MSX2 and later on NES in 1987. NES version was considerably diffrient, in 1990 it was ported to Commodore 64 and PC MS-DOS with some improvements while still being true to MSX2 version of Metal Gear.

Hideo Kojima developed numerous games like Snatcher and Policenauts. Kojima participated in development of every Metal Gear game except unofficial sequel called Snakes Revenge. Development of Metal Gear Solid started as Metal Gear 3 and it was suppose to be released on 3DO, it was changed to PlayStation since 3DO was in decline and because Konami and Kojima leaned towards recently released PlayStation. Kojima thought that Metal Gear 1 and 2 were not well know so he decided to use word "Solid" over number 3 to indicate this was the third game, also because it was decided to turn it into a 3D game rather than being a 2D. Development of Metal Gear Solid was started in mid-1995...

Kojima wanted to make the best possible game for PlayStation, he was dedicated to create a masterpiece, a true work of art. He and the development team had aimed for realism and accuracy, they were educated by Huntington Beach SWAT with demonstrations of tactics, explosives, vehicles and weapons. Kojima wanted some features like hiding bodies, dynamic soundtracks, greater interaction with object in Metal Gear Solid and even thought it was not implemented in MGS it was implemented in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty.

Metal Gear Solid has a great and complex storyline, alot of turn and twists, uncovering the truth.. Solid Snake gots "invited" by Colonel, trought briefing you found out about situation on Moses Island and about  renegade Next-Gen Special Forces. You are sent to infiltrate the base, rescue DARPA chief, acquire information and possibly eliminate threat, the terrorists demand remains of the Big Boss or they will launch ICBM in next 18 hours. You found out from DARPA chief that you can stop the launch and that Metal Gear Rex is in the base, he suddenly dies and as you get out you find yourself at the trigger of a woman disguised as a guard.

Eventually you found out that Liquid Snake is your sibling brother, you and all genetically and nano modified soldiers are infected with a strain of FOXDIE that could kill anytime. In short, the storyline is a true masterpiece as the rest of the game and it has great cutscenes that can easily suck you in...

Gameplay of Metal Gear Solid is improved to its predecessors, since its MGS is in 3D you can go first person to see what is in front of you, hide inside boxes, cameras turn 90° left and right, mines, traps... Its true to its predecessors and it adds and improves features. The details of MGS is absolutely stunning, animations are smooth, great effects, soundtracks give right felling and wibe for each situation... Controls are great, easy to remember, the camera is great and with option of going into first person view you can see further.

Metal Gear Solid has couple of version including a PC port and a remake called Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes for GameCube. GameCube version introduced various improvements and implementation of features from Sons Of Liberty that was originally to be implemented in Metal Gear Solid. Twin Snakes represents everything what Hideo Kojima wanted in PlayStation version.

Overall you need to have it, you will have a blast and ride of your life. Every gamer should have one, its a work of art and check predecessors and sequels, they are great as this one. Seriously... Get it... NOW!

(10/10) It is worth every single cent, it would be criminally to own it and not play it at all...

Speculation 101: PlayStation 4 aka Orbis

We all know the rumors about PS4/Orbis and Xbox 720, we also need to deal with facts that both of them wont be revolutionary or have a huge leap in graphics nor hardware since both of them will be based of PC hardware and thats a good thing, PC games can be easily ported to consoles and vice versa/other way around. Consoles will still have an ace up their sleeves, but it wont be like the previous time. Its the truth.

PlayStation 4(Orbis) may not have legendary DualShock controllers, that does not confirm they will write off the design of it nor that it will be completely incompatible with PlayStation 4. We may see a joystick similar to DualShock that incorporates touch pads from Vita or they will implement features from PlayStation Move controller. Sony maybe just wants to implement Vita´s touch pads, normally I would say dont fix it if its not broken, but I give it a pass. Next is the CPU or "Central Processing Unit"...

"Orbis" will use AMD´s Fusion CPU/APU, most likely A10 5700 or maybe even 5800k will be in "Orbis". The APU´s in A10 5700 and 5800k outperforms Intel HD Graphics 4000 twice, sadly A10 APU´s are outdated when Steamroller gets out. The cost of both CPU´s is 131.45 US Dollars for PC, for PS4 will be lower since Sony will get a discount because "Orbis" will be mass produced and integrated into the motherboard. We should now get into how much RAM(Random Access Memory) Playstation 4/"Orbis" will have...

There are rumors that "Orbis" will have only 4 GB of RAM and I don´t buy it. "Orbis" will surely have 8 GB DDR3 RAM, there was a strong rumour that it will have 16 GB. This year DDR4 RAM will be out, its knocking on our doors and I cant wait to see the price of DDR4. If somehow rumor that "Orbis" will have just 4 GB of RAM it better be DDR4. Next important thing is the storage where we store our games and recordings...

Sony plans nothing flashy about size of the storage, it will have size of 256GB and its not an SSD. 256GB is fine for storage couple of games, we can expect 512 to 1024 GB models. As production of SSD´s gets cheaper in the future we may expect a model with atleast 128 GB SSD or even 256 GB. It just depends if R&D on SSD´s refines and simplifies the production/manufacturing... We have seen CPU lets check the GPU...

PlayStation 4/"Orbis" will use AMD ATI Radeon HD 7670, Xbox 720 will use custom version of AMD ATI Radeon HD 6670 and yes both consoles will use AMD ATI´s GPU´s... 7670 is more refined version of 6670 except "Orbis" has an edge over Xbox 720 and that is the CPU that "Orbis" will use. A10 5700/5800k has APU that is twice as strong as Intel´s HD Graphics 4000 and because 7670 is refined version of 6670 it can use Hybrid CrossfireX(CPU´s APU and GPU working together thus - Hybrid)... PlayStation 4 or "Orbis" will have an edge over Xbox 720 and it will be cheaper than 720. Next optical media storage...

PlayStation 4/"Orbis" and Xbox 720 will use Blu-ray players/discs, since both consoles will use Blu-ray discs that does not mean a bad news for Sony... Why? Sony holds the rights for Blu-ray technology, Sony will earn a bit more cash since Xbox 720 will use Blu-ray even thought I expected Microsoft to use HD-DVD for Xbox 720... Guess that´s not the case. Sony: "Show me the money Microsoft"...

AMD/ATI´s hardware are cheaper and in some cases superior to Intel for the same price range, they always have a great bang for a buck. We all know how Intel fanboys love to brag how their i5 and i7 are better than all AMD´s CPU well when they saw AMD FX 8350 Vishera/Piledriver they faced a harsh reality... You want to know why well watch this video:


I will buy PlayStation 4/"Orbis" when I get a job. Main reason is that it uses AMD´s CPU with APU and GPU, now I can expect Half Life 3 running smoothly with 60 FPS in Full HD. Gabe, Half Life 3??

If you need a decent PC for editing your recording from PS3 or in future from PS4/"Orbis" just visit and subscribe it to CultOfMush(The Benchmarking King) channel:

If you like this article and want to discuss it please leave a comment below and we will reply...

Hideo Kojima Speaks On MGR, FOX Engine, and The Phantom Pain in IGN Interview IGN Middle East got an opportunity to sit down and have a chat with Hideo Kojima at a press conference in Dubai yesterday. The interviewer ask him questions relating to Metal Gear Rising, the FOX Engine, and The Phantom Pain. Let's see what Mr. Kojima had to say.
IGN: The Metal Gear series is celebrating its 25th anniversary. 25 years of amazing games. How do you feel about that? What has the journey been like?
Kojima: To be honest, I never imagined it was going to be 25 years. Every time I completed a game, I told myself ‘this is it, this will be the last one’, but kept on making new Metal Gear games, and before I know, it was 25 years. What I mean is that, if you created a game thinking that ‘okay, I am going to make this for the next 25 years’, it’s not going to happen.

Now coming to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, when we look at Metal Gear Solid, it’s completely different from the franchise we are used to. Metal Gear Solid never truly had a competitor in its stealth-espionage genre, but Revengeance is a high speed hack-and-slash action adventure, which can be easily compared to other games from more experienced publishers. What was the thought process behind this?

Well, if you look at it, I suppose you could say that’s right! But basically, Revengeance is a spin-off along with the mainstream release that is Ground Zeroes. For the spin-off, we wanted to have variety, and I wanted to expand our reach to gamers who like hack-and-slash and hope to get accepted there as well. So that was our main goal as you can play with a few things in a spin-off, but Ground Zeroes will be conventional.

Right, even though it’s a game in a different genre, it still falls under the Metal Gear roof, and I am sure fans will enjoy it as much as the others in the series. Now related to that, and this is a much asked fan question, why was Raiden chosen as the ninja-cyborg guy in Revengeance instead of someone like Gray Fox?
It was actually not my idea, it was my staff in Kojima Productions that insisted on Raiden, and I respected their idea. I wanted to really focus on production than development, and they wanted to come up with a really cool hack-and-slash title with some Katana action and Raiden in it, and I thought ‘okay, that’s fine, I respect that’.

But in my personal opinion, I wanted to go for Frank Jaegar or Gray Fox. But if we had gone with that, I would have had to write the script and then be really committed to creating the game. I want to pass game development to the younger generation in my team, and have been trying to do so for quite some time. Before I never could give complete responsibilities for other games, but for Revengeance, they are fully in control. Besides, if I had created the game and directed it, it wouldn’t have been this game. I am very happy to see the growth in my team and how they have developed such an incredible game.

Shifting gears to what’s to come in the future. We have seen bits and pieces of the FOX Engine. We know about Project Ogre, we have seen the screenshots you have shared with us. I must admit, the new visual engine looks quite fantastic. What do you plan to achieve with the technologies that you are building, and how do you see it utilize the next-generation of consoles?
I can’t share much details about it yet, but the new engine is built towards not only having better visual quality, but also better functionality that will allow new kinds of gaming experiences, UI, playability, etc., and that is something we at Kojima Productions are working at, and some of which will be incorporated into Ground Zeroes.

In terms of technology, FOX Engine is very efficient and that’s one of our focus as well. We are continually trying to make it as efficient as possible, and with it, we can develop games in much shorter time period than ever possible before.

 Finally, have you seen the new Phantom Pain trailer?
[Laughs] Yes, yes I have. I really liked it.

So did we. Would you like to say something about it?

It was very visually appealing. The lighting was very good.

The trailer also looks familiar, especially the character, his mullet…we have seen him somewhere before…

[Kojima’s translator pitches in] Snake?


Kojima: Oh! [laughs] It might have been an inspiration…

Sure…inspiration! Anyways, thanks a lot for your time. Any words for your fans in the Middle East?

Well, we are working on Ground Zeroes which will take a little more time. But there is Revengeance releasing next month, so why not play that while you wait for the new Metal Gear Solid.
 As my readers know, I have been following The Phantom Pain and trying to analyze key things through the trailer to prove it is in fact Metal Gear Solid. Although in this interview, Kojima doesn't reveal anything, he definitely is far from denying he has anything to do with it. I'll keep everyone updated as details roll in.

All credits go to IGN Middle East for this interview.