The Phantom Pain Alternative Trailer Analysis

Back in late December, Joakim Mogren, the CEO of Moby Dick Studios, released an alternative version of The Phantom Pain trailer. Although the visuals are unchanged, you will notice the music and sounds have been replaced by something new. Check out the new trailer below before we begin to analyze.

As we can all see, or should I say hear, the only difference from this alternative trailer and the original is the audio. However, some new theory's have come about after the release of this new trailer. One of the most interesting of these is that the protagonist could quite possibly be Liquid. That's right, Liquid may very well be the character you see in the trailer. Let me explain how this might be possible.

Many of us have come to believe that Liquid lost his right arm rather than his left because Ocelot wears Liquids right arm. However, Ocelot only pretended to be Liquid, so it is possible Liquid may have lost his left arm at some point.

Something else that could lead us to believe that the character seen is Liquid is the UK flag. Liquid was raised in Great Britain and worked as an agent there for a while.

Another key point in the trailer that backs up this theory is the car crash scene. Anyone who has played, and completed, Metal Gear Solid 1 will know the game leads to a car chase which ends in a car crash for Liquid. With that being said, this scene may be a reference to the ending of Metal Gear Solid 1. It does seem as if Liquid dies after the car crash, but there is the possibility of him being in a coma. His body was recovered by the government at some point.

Personally, I believe this assumption is very unlikely to be true, but there is always that possibility. Let's go on to some other things I'd like to point out that I may not have in the first post on the original trailer.

The white petals seen when the character is awakening from his coma could very easily prove that he is Big Boss considering the same white petals were seen in Metal Gear Solid 3 when he is ordered to kill The Boss.

One last thing that I wanted to point out about the CEO's name is that the beginning of his first name, Joakim, sounds like the word joke. We already know that the letters of his name rearranged spell out Kojima, but maybe the choice of arrangement for the fake name sounding like "joke" wasn't just a coincidence. Just a small something I noticed and thought I would share with you.

With all of that being said, what do you guys think? Maybe some theories were over-thought and just don't fit the Metal Gear Solid story. Regardless of which assumptions are true, I'm ready to see more visuals or clues for The Phantom Pain.

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  1. Can't wait for some more Metal Gear.