Funny Socom Updates

It seems that Slant 6 has taken a vacation on us and left us with no clue on a release date or anything on the new 1.30 patch. I happened to find two user-created Socom 1.30 updates in the comments of one of the other update post made on While they are out camping in Canada playing with airsoft guns, we are left sitting here wondering when we will get our hands on that patch. Will we possibly see it this year? Who knows, but in the mean time, we can get a small laugh out of the following two articles.

SOCOM: Confrontation 1.30 Update Feature
(Part 8)
Posted by Seth Luisi

I hope everyone is gearing up for a SOCOM filled Holiday season! The 1.3 Patch is back in the hands of Sony QA now for the third time. We had some minor issues that cropped up in their first two go arounds of testing. It was actually quite humorous, as everything seemed to work on one map, but then we switched from Crossroads to Fallen. While the map looked like the Fallen map, everybody could only MOVE like it was Crossroads-- where we saw tunnel entrances, there was an invisible outer wall of the Crossroads bazaare! We must have wasted hours, laughing, and watching everyone run around in mid-air; dancing was a real hoot. To top it off, you could see your enemy, but couldn't shoot him because a wall was in the way! You can imagine the fun. But, I digress.
With the new, updated-updated patch now with Sony QA, and the crazy posters in the comments sections and on the forums, we decided the Slant Six team needed a vacation. After all, we've been working hard!
So, we loaded everybody onto a bus, and headed out to Manitoba for some camping, airsoft and campfire singing. Camping in Canada this time of year is not for the feint of heart. We found out that several of our programmers, in fact, ARE feint of heart, and had to send 2-3 home for frostbite treatment. I've been told they're doing great in the Vancouver General ICU, and should be back to work just after New Years.
In addition to being cold, the airsoft was intense! It almost had the feel of a 20min 16 v 16 Elimination game on the Urban Wasteland night map, when you only have one enemy and 18mins left in the round! We had a pretty scary moment when one of our top programmers, Ramy, took a pellet in the hand. It generated a really nasty looking bruise. The EMTs that were called out said he'd be okay, but just to be safe, we're giving him the next four weeks off to recover.
Fortunately, it didn't hurt his guitar playing. Coombaya never sounded so sweet!
To keep with the trend of our other updates, I wanted to post a new screenshot. This one has nothing to do with the game-- it's actually the background of my laptop. My chihuaha, Yappy, likes me to dress him up, and when this pic was taken, we were both dressed as US Navy SEALs. Don't you just LOVE the custom mini M4? So does Yappy!
Well, I have to get back to my emailing. It looks like I've gotten about 43 emails from the Sony QA team while we were away. (Crazy that they're all marked urgent.) I'm sure they're just telling us that the patch has passed their tests-- good thing, too, because without Ramy for the next 4 weeks, we'd be in trouble.
I'll be sure to keep you posted! Until, Happy Holidays, and even Happier SOCOMing!

Socom: Confrontation 1.30 patch
(Part 9)
Posted by Sony QA team

As you all have read the /6 team are on vacation for the holidays enjoying there time off for all the hard work they have put in trying to fix, i mean, preparing the 1.30 patch for all you loyal socomers out there patiently waiting. I know i speak for the /6 team, that are on vacation, and also the QA team by saying we apprieate all the customers for making their holiday vacation possible by purchasing their version of the Socom series.
The Sony QA team would like to thank those guys at /6 for there rapid progress in getting us at Sony QA a version we can test for you socomers before it gets released to the public. Testing should only take less than half the time it took /6 to make 1.30 patch which should make you socomers very happy & excited for finally getting what you paid for only 2 months ago.
As far as the patch is concerned, we here at the Sony QA team firmly believe and expect this patch to be as perfect as the Messiah himself therefore, we are not even going to bother giving the socom community an update on the release date, it is going to magically appear when you login one day "SOON", so there is no need to keep asking for a release date on the socom forum.
One more thing, we here at the Sony QA team would also like to go to Jamica for OUR holiday vacation soon after we surprise you with the 1.30 patch which includes the first ever "MAP PACK" for the PS3. Of course this feature will cost you guys well, let me not bore you with that aspect of the 1.30 patch we know you guys are going to purchase the map pack, you loyal socomers have not let us down yet with your wallet so why stop now!!!

Really now Slant 6… We have been waiting for a while now. Can we at least get an update please?