Sony shuffles its cards, reorganizes divisions


Sony Corp, facing a record loss this year, said chief executive Howard Stringer would add the post of president and take direct control of the ailing electronics division at the centre of its problems.


For several years now, Sony has been facing huge losses with their many consumer electronics divisions. Now, they are finally willing to bite the bullet and perform some drastic changes within the corporation.


The first revision is the reorganization divisions. They will be forming two new divisions for their products. One of which will combine Playstation and Vaio PC’s. It will be overseen by none other than Kaz Hirai, current head of Sony’s gaming branch. The other division will be dedicated to Cybershot cameras, Bravia TV’s, and Handycam camcorders; Hiroshi Yoshioka, currently head of the TV branch, will be the overlord.


The second change of which Sony has made is repositioning of CEO’s in the company. Their current president, Ryoji Chubachi will be taking the position of vice-chairman.


A foreign CEO would fit much better for such a tough job.


Also, mentioned above, chief executive Howard Stringer will be taking the role of Sony’s new electronics divisions.


So what this all comes down to is a greater unification of Sony’s various lines of products, the ability for use of services across all platforms, and expanded capabilities for SCE. In the foreseeable future, it will now be possible to see PSN on cell phones, or Sony Connect music store portable via PSP. The cards of Sony’s deck have been shuffled and only time will tell if this will breathe a breathe of new life on them. That, we can only hope for.