Indie Spotter: OverDose - Team Blur Games

"This isn't just war... Its an all out apocalypse"

OverDose is an multiplayer first person shooter set in post-apocalypse Earth after a global war, its team based with classes and objectives. After global war there are only two surviving factions in OverDose...

OverDose is made by Team Blur Games that was created in 2000 as a modding team for Quake 2, their modification Quake 2 Evolved was a graphical conversion at some point for Quake 2. After some time they decided to make their own game since they have a felling that Quake 2 Evolved will never be "completed".

OverDose at first was a modification for Quake 2, after some time they decided to scrap the storyline and elements from Quake 2 since they felt its not right using someone else's ideas, vision and desings. OverDose  goes standalone with new plot, game and engine and fresh multiplayer gameplay.

OverDose plot is set 143 years after a series of events that caused launch of ICBM's all around the world and scaring the Earth, from that global war two faction has risen. Confederate Marine Corps that are regular human beings that survived the apocalypse in the bunkers and trying to keep their people alive in this cruel world and The Marauders. Marauders are the remnants of the other part of humanity, scared from the radiation, complications since their ancestors dint or could't find a shelter as the nukes exploded all around the world, they rely on cybernetic implants to keep them alive longer and having weapons made from scraps.

OverDose is an multiplayer first person shooter focused on teams and classes with wide variety of customization of the characters, arsenal/weapons and equipment. OverDose will have a huge "freedom movement" meaning that you could drag your wounded comrade in a firefight, give a friend a push to access some areas and pulls you up, sprint to some cover and slide to it when caught in a firefight...

ID Tech 2 engine is used for OverDose except its heavily modified and improved over the original adding shadow mapping, skeletal animation, post-processing effects, volumetric fog and lights, GLSL, terrain & foliage, etc... The graphics are amazing and the graphics in the options will be very tweakable, Team Blur will release full SDK of the game for the modding community to mod the hell out of their/this game.

Team Blur will also focus on network code of the game, as they stated they will polish as much as they can adn they will packet compression for network code to reduce bandwidth usage. OverDose will support up to 64 player servers, LAN and voice chat.

OverDose will be released for Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 most likely this year.

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