GDC 2009: Resistance 2 Patch and DLC on March 26th

Insomniac released a few map packs for Resistance: Fall of Man and now they are doing the same for Resistance 2. Along with the new so called Aftermath map pack, Insomniac has also dated a new patch (1.50) to be released on March 26th.


The new patch will add a new multiplayer game mode, Meltdown, as well as a new difficulty setting for you co-op players. The higher difficulty will give you more EXP, but of course will be more challenging than easier difficulties. And finally, the patch will allow a local buddy (same PS3) to play co-op with you to sign-in on his PSN account to save all of his scores.


Moving on to the DLC, which will also be available on March 26th if you didn’t catch that earlier, you can expect to see several new maps designed for smaller scale battles. If your interested in this map pack, Aftermath will be sold for $5.99 Thursday along with some skins which will be sold for $0.99 each.