GDC 2009: Day 1

The Game Developers Conference of 2009 has started! If you missed it on television, don’t worry. We will have all the GDC news each day right here on GOBB. See today’s GDC update after the break.

GDC 2009: Day 1

SCE offering cheaper tools to PS3 developers

Sony Computer Entertainment is showing the love to its PS3 developers by offering lowering the price on its development software. The new Reference Tool PS3 Models, which were introduced this month, are being sold at discount rates:

  • North American/European - DECR-1400A ($2,000/€1,700)
  • Japan - DECR-1400J (¥200,000)

    PhyreEngine 2.40 Announced

Sony also announced a new version of its PhyreEngine as well. Thanks to the 2.40 upgrade, the graphics engine is getting a new “foliage rendering” system which will give more realistic rendering of plant life (trees and plants). You have seen games that implement PhyreEngine such as Flower and Savage Moon, and will continue seeing games that implement it such as upcoming Under Siege and Mars.

    Crytek Announces CryENGINE 3

Check out the video for now… I may update this with more information on Crytek’s new CryENGINE 3.