Super Stardust Portable! Wow!

Did you love playing Super Stardust HD on your PS3? If so, then you may be very interested in checking this game out; Super Stardust Portable for the PSP. You can head over to the Playstation Blog to find out everything you need to know of this stunning PSP version of Super Stardust HD, or you can read some of the additions to the PSP’s title below. Also note that the game will be available for download on the Playstation Store Thursday, December 4th for $9.99.

  • A completely new mode: Impact. In impact mode you cannot shoot, just bomb and boost. The boost is a bit different in this mode in that when you boost through something, you receive more boost energy and your multiplier goes up at the same time (max 100x), so the key to high scores is to chain your boosts into as long as you can and to collect points with huge multipliers.
  • A new final boss: One complaint on the PS3 version was that the final boss was way too easy. I should warn you that your first meeting with Professor Schaumunds’ new machine of destruction could leave a bit of something in you pants. ;)
  • Even more intense gameplay. We still have a casual mode that is suitable for everyone, but one thing we found out about the PS3 version is that for the best players it takes hours and hours to complete the arcade game. For this version we have upped the difficulty curve too after a few of the first difficulty levels. This is a portable game, you shouldn’t have to play a day to get challenged in the game even if you are that good.

Visit the Playstation Blog post.