Socom Confrontation 1.30 Status Update

I know that we’ve all been waiting for the Socom 1.30 patch to be released for a long time now, but it seems we are still waiting on it. The good news however, the patch should be live soon. (Maybe in a week or so.) So why isn’t the patch released now? Read the quote below to find out.

Seth Luisi:

We are still working through all of the SOCOM Awards and Trophy issues.  This is a big addition to the game and takes a significant time to test, fix issues and test again.  The trophies take a long time to collect so the iteration on bug fixes takes a while to verify.

Some other good news is that over next week, they will be showing us some new features which will be included in the 1.30 patch. Today, we see the new transparent scoreboard which allows your to run while viewing it like the other Socom titles. See the video above to check it out.