Home Beta Contest Winner


Yet another contest here at PSGoBB has ended except this time around, only one entry was made. That is very disappointing to us and we wished to see more than that, however we will stick to our word and send out the beta key to its winner. Maybe in our next contest we will see more, or maybe the blog is just not good enough for some of us.

The winner of the Home Beta contest is…


and here is his entry picture:

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Your beta key will be sent to you shortly.

News: If you are still without the Home beta, go check your emails because another batch of them have been sent out.

PSGoBB Meet-Up: There will be another stress test going on tonight from 7pm – 9om CST in Home and you can have your chance to talk to us then. I, and maybe along with others, will be at the Bowling Alley from 8:00pm – 8:30pm CST. If you don’t catch me at the Bowling Alley, you can add me to PSN on my Home account: FoRgOtN21

Cya in the beta.