Our Burn Zombie Burn! Interview Has Arrived


A while back I sent in some questions to the creators of Burn Zombie Burn! and we now have our answers back. Along with answering our questions sent in, they were very nice and gave us some screenshots and a little sketch art as well. Check out our Burn Zombie Burn! interview after the jump.

PSGoBB: Will Burn Zombie Burn have Youtube Support?

Jim Mummery: No – I’m afraid not.

PSGoBB: What major gameplay feature (mechanic?) will differentiate this game from the flood of other twin-stick-shooters on psn right now? ie. SSHD, Blast Factor, Everyday Shooter, etc.

Jim Mummery: Firstly, we should clarify - this isn’t a twin-stick shooter. For Burn Zombie Burn! we wanted to move away from twin-stick because despite its obvious advantages it does have limitations regarding the way you can play the game, the weapons you can use etc. Instead we have a different system that relies on shoulder buttons for firing and charging weapons – the use of triggers allows us to be a lot more varied with the weapon set. Something we needed for this game.

As for what differentiates us – Burn Zombie Burn! has a number of unique features but the main one, the title feature, is the use of fire.

In the game you use fire as a secondary weapon – it has many uses – you can use it to scare the zombies away, ignite explosives, set fire to fences and, most importantly, you can set fire to zombies and, if you really want to do well, you’re going to have to burn those zombies. Burning zombies ties into the game’s upgrades, its multiplier and the difficulty of the game. The number of burning zombies is your multiplier – as more zombies catch fire your multiplier goes up, as burning zombies burn out or get killed your multiplier drops. Also, burning zombies drop upgrades for your explosives and speed-ups for Bruce, our main character. They also drop mode specific power-ups for use in some of the game modes like Defend Daisy and Timed mode. However, the downside is burning zombies move faster and do more damage. The more zombies you’ve lit up – the more you’ll score but that means a whole lot of burning zombies you are coming at you at speed.

PSGoBB: Are there any sort of special power-ups or upgrades to the character?

Jim Mummery: During play you can upgrade your explosives (range and type) as well as gain speed-ups (see above).

PSGoBB: What kind of price can we expect to see for this title?

Jim Mummery: The price is to be confirmed but we’re expecting it to be about $10.

PSGoBB: If known at this point, which month, or day can we expect to see Burn Zombie Burn hit PSN?

Jim Mummery: Jan 2009

PSGoBB: Can your fans look forward to seeing a sequal such as Freeze Zombie Freeze perhaps?

Jim Mummery: Actually, we are doing a follow-up to BZB but I’m afraid I can’t tell you what it is yet.

PSGoBB: (Yes or No and explain if you like.) Are there going to be any big surprises for us that we aren't yet aware of?

Jim Mummery: Yes.

PSGoBB: Will the game include cut-scenes to clear the story or to begin it?

Jim Mummery: The focus on the game is the action – at its core this is an infinite play arena shooter – we haven’t given it an implicit story.

PSGoBB: Will Burn Zombie Burn include an online game mode?

Jim Mummery: Not this time around I am afraid.

Just reading this interview gets me more and more pumped up for this game. Not to mention these screenshots provided with the interview…

level_base37 level_drive-in57

level_graveyard32 level_lab45

level_suburbia57 level_woods09

main character sketch colour