New Dual Shock Charger and Keypad Video

Just in time for the holiday season (as if that’s not said enough already), the PS Blog has just revealed a short video for the upcoming PS3 Wireless Keypad peripheral. The video features some footage of the keypad being used to type in Home, as well as the shortcut buttons and touchpad mode. Along with this exciting new video comes news of a news of a stand-alone charger for the DualShock3, Sixaxis, Bluetooth Headset, PSP (2000 and 3000) and the Keypad.

More details and visuals after the break


The AC adapter can simultaneously charge two compatible devices without ever powering up your PS3.


“Unlike the PS3 controller charging stations that are available in the market, we wanted to come out with an accessory enabling PS3 users to not only charge their controllers, but also other accessories, such as the new official Bluetooth Headset and Wireless Keypad.”


The Keypad will be hitting shelves the first week of December for $49.99 and the charger will retail for $24.99 the second week. If any of you guys pick one of these up, please be sure to leave us some feedback in the comments with your thoughts.