LittleBigChallenge – Win LBP Prize Crown


Most of you probably have read about the PS3’s second anniversary Monday, so in addition to that, the LittleBigChallenges are back. In this challenge, LBP players are to create a level celebrating the PS3’s second anniversary for a chance to win the LittleBigPlanet Prize Crown. (Shown above.) Below are some instructions from the Playstation Blog about this contest.

1. Create an original LittleBigPlanet level celebrating the PLAYSTATION 3 second anniversary.

2. You must name your Level using this format. “LBC1 -< YourLevelNameHere >”.

3. Publish your Level to the LittleBigPlanet online server at any time up until 11:59am PST December 9, 2008 when the contest closes.

4. Send an e-mail submission to and indicate your level name (LBC1 - < YourLevelNameHere >) in the subject line. Include your PlayStation Network ID along with the name of your Level in your e-mail submission.

You can also click here to visit the Playstation Blog post for everything you need to know.