LBP Weekly Download Update

Yes, more LittleBigPlanet updates are coming again this Thursday… Remember now, this is going to be weekly so you can check back with us throughout each week to see what will be new on the Playstation Store for Sackboy. Posted earlier on the Playstation Blog, Mark Valledor reveals to us this weeks LBP DLC.

First off, I would like to mention that this week will bring the first of the costumes from the LittleBigChallenge 003, “Sack-in-the-Box.” The costume was designed by “nebu1ou5″ from Rydal, PA, where your Sackboy or girl’s head will be inside a television set while holding a remote control in one of his or her hands. Check out the original design and what Media Molecule made it to be after the break.

US Winner of LittleBigChallenge 003

LittleBigPlanet Add On - Sack in a Box Costume

We can’t possible stop here though… Also coming this week are five downloadable Loco Roco Sackboy costumes which can be seen in the top image. You will be able to download all five of them for a mere $2.99. Not that bad if you ask me. If you can’t understand my simple words of the costumes, I have a list made below for you to look at.

Sack-in-the-Box: FREE

LittleBigPlanet Add On - Sack in a Box Costume

Loco Roco-Themed Sackboy Costumes: $2.99