David Hasselhoff To Come In PAIN Expansion Pack


That’s right everyone.David Hasselhoff will be the star in the new PAIN expansion pack which is coming this November. Believe it or not, PEOPLE.com are the folks who found this very awesome information for us. David Hasselhoff tells PEOPLE, "I don't know why, I think it was from growing up watching the Three Stooges and the idea of hurting yourself was funny to me."

Along with this comes Hasselhoff’s cover classic song, "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?"

Wow! Check after the break for full details on the PAIN Move Studio expansion.

First off, here’s a little video for you introducing the new expansion.

And we can’t forget, the list of extras which are listed below.

  • More than one launcher location (There are three that you can dynamically switch to)
  • Single Player Fun with Explosives
  • New Cratetastic Mode
  • Unlockable FREE Character (Buzz, from the Buzz! games)
  • Unockable Character (David Hasselhoff)
  • HORSE Mode
  • Bowling Mode (With all new distractions)
  • New Trophies (We will bring you the list as soon as we get it.)

Quiet interesting… I’m really hoping these trophies are going to be much easier than the current ones.

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