PixelJunk Monster Patch October 30th


The game that everyone loves, Pixel Junk Monsters, has been out for quite a while now, and the company has made another game already, but that doesn’t mean their done with it just yet. A post from Matt Morton, Associate Producer of SCEA-Santa Monica Studios, was made earlier on the Playstation blog containing a video of all the details included in this upcoming patch. Go on and click “Read More” to see the video and a short list of Trophy Challenges/Trophies.

If you’d rather read, then here’s a list of new feature that will be included with this update:

Game Difficulty settings
You can now choose between three different difficulties of gameplay! There is a Casual mode, the Regular/Ranked mode, and Hard-core mode. The great news here is that you can use any combination of difficulties to complete your progress through the islands! Is there one particular map that’s too hard? Try it in Casual mode. If you Rainbow the level, that rainbow counts and will remain on the map no matter what difficulty the other rainbows were achieved at! Only the Regular difficulty will register on the ranking boards, though.\

Tower Menu selection
You can now set the default menu to appear when selecting a tower! How many times have you sold off a tower and run over to another tower to quickly upgrade it and accidentally sell it by mistake? I know I’ve done that many, many times. Now you can choose which option appears as the default, instead of the last action you selected.

Tower Balancing
Those of you who have purchased Encore know about the reduced cost on the Ice Tower, and balanced functionality of the Tesla tower. This patch applies those changes to BOTH islands, not just the Encore island.

Video Recording / YouTube Support
Ever since Q-Games included this feature into PixelJunk Eden, we knew it needed to be in Monsters as well. You will be able to record up to 10 minutes of gameplay and upload it directly to your YouTube account, or send it to your video folder on your PS3’s XMB.

XMB Custom Soundtrack Support
You can now make your own custom soundtrack to listen to as you play PixelJunk Monsters and Encore! I’ve personally been enjoying listening to the PixelJunk Eden soundtrack while I play Monsters, as well as listening to the PixelJunk Monsters soundtrack within Eden! It’s great how well those fantastic soundtracks work in other games.

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the short list of trophy challenges/trophies. Here they are:

Green Flag - Can't make out
Specified stage is Easy 1 - The waves begin
Scrooge - Clear the specified stage with earnings of 10,000 coins (almost a complete guess this one, but matches with what he says)
Bomb The Boss - Can't make out
Specified stage is Easy 2 - Power Play
Gem Hoarder - Clear the specified stage with 25 or more gems
Specified stage is Easy 4 - Hold The Line
Picky Eater - Clear the specified stage without using the fire tower
Specified stage is Hard 3 - Pond Patrol
No Crossing - Clear the specified stage without crossing the bridge
Specified stage is Medium 3 - Bridge Out!
Tower Collector - Clear the specified stage building all types of tower
Specified stage is Hard 1 - So many monsters
Get Medieval - Clear the specified stage using only arrows and cannons
Specified stage is Medium 6 - Heart
4 Tree Rainbow - Perfect clear the specified stage
Specified stage is Medium 4 - Treeless forest
Rainbow Team - Perfect clear the specified stage
Specified stage is Hard 2 - Double team

Yes I know not to helpful, but I just thought I’d throw it in there. (That list came from ps3trophies.co.uk) I’d like to hear what all PixelJunk Monster owners think of this patch. Go ahead, you can tell me.