Spore Producer and Team 'Really Interested In LittleBigPlanet'

Even those with a passing interest in gaming have heard of Will Wright newest title, Spore. This highly-anticipated game focuses on lifeform generation and development in the form of user-generated content. Spore has also had its share of controversy and even the mainstream media has taken notice. So what game is Caryl Shaw, the high-profile game's producer, most looking forward to?

"I'm really interested in LittleBigPlanet, and I think the rest of the team is, too," she said with genuine excitement in her voice. "I really want to see their tool set and how easy it is to share [content] with other people. There's huge potential there if they do it right."

With comments like that from a renowned team that includes Civilization IV designer Soren Johnson, it looks like the LittleBigPlanet hype train is officially in full force. Even Sackboy himself has been spotted in Spore -- check out the video after the jump, though he's a bit lankier than we remembered.