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Hello everyone, Jacob Rollin here to tell you a little about myself and how the blog got started. I am the founder of GoBB and I am the one doing a lot of the coding work like fixing bugs or adding new exciting features to the blog. Back in the very beginning on the creation of this blog, before probably any of you even came here, I used to run the thing by myself, posting everything I could. Later on, I started getting my brother to help out as well as a good friend of mine, Uy. Even later, Kris and Scott joined the teamed and that’s when everything started to change.

Instead of posting everything verbatim from other blogs, we actually started writing, not just copying and pasting, then slapping a source to the bottom.

This was also around the time when GoBB started getting readers along with a load of template errors and bugs. We needed a change in design. This new design happened, we got more organized, and things were looking great for the future of the blog. We still continue to work on things, trying to make everything better and more unique

Enough about the blog, lets talk a little about myself now. When I was young, I played lots of sports and not so many games. I had my SNES, which I’d play ever once in a while, but gaming wasn’t yet my biggest hobby.

Once I got my PlayStation, I fell closer to games and played more, but sports still had me over games. You may be thinking the PS2 made me fall even closer to gaming, but something actually came before that… Metal Gear Solid. My uncle had the game, and I’d play it ever time I went over to his house. I was just amazed at that game. However, with the lack of online play, I eventually had nothing else to do with it.

After about a year later from playing Metal Gear Solid, I saw the PS2 come into my life. This was a major turning point which really got me into games. I bought the game Tony Hawk’s Underground and I played that for about 2 years straight. Online gaming was so much fun! I also got my hands on MGS 2 and MGS3. which were just as amazing as the first.

During the PS2 days, I had dial-up, so I was kind of strictly set to late night online gaming. Sure I played game offline during the day, but most of my days were spent playing sports, still.

Right before seeing the PlayStation 3 on shelves, I finally got rid of dial-up. YAY! Games all day right? Not so much. I was still into sports, but now things were kind of evened out. Half of the day playing outside, half inside playing video games. Well, the PS3 changed that drastically.

I bought a PS3, got some games, and couldn’t stop playing. At this time, I also got into PC gaming. These days, if I’m not playing my PS3, I’m either playing a game on my PC or working on the blog. Somewhere in my life, I stopped playing sports all day and started playing games all day.

My dream which used to be, “I want to be a professional football player,” is now ,”I’d love to see this sign in person.”


Well, that’s about it… If you’d like to tell me something, you can send me an email to me at jacobrollin@gmail.com or check me out on some of my social networks below. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I’ll cya around.


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