Heavy Rain Can Continue After The Main Character Dies

David Cage, director of Heavy Rain, disclosed an interesting tidbit of info back at LGC: the main character of the game, as seen above, can be killed and the player will still be able to continue the game. "I can't really tell you too much about what the story's about or how it's going to work with the characters, all I can tell you that your character -- the main character -- can die, and the story will continue," Cage told VG247. "You can continue to play, without this character, of course."

He was asked to elaborate on whether the player will continue on in a side-story instead. "No, no. It's one big story." We knew Heavy Rain was going to be innovative, but this is something we've yet to see in a big-budget title. We can't wait to see how this exotic mechanic will be utilized when the game comes out next year.