Bethesda: Australian Fallout 3 same as US and UK versions

Remember we told you that the Australian version of Fallout 3 was going to be edited? Looks that was only half-true -- it appears said version of the game will also be sold in the US and UK, according to Bethesda's VP of public relations, Pete Hines.

"We had added a new chem to Fallout 3 and had given it a real-world name, Morphine. Questions were raised about the use of that real-world drug, not only in Australia, but other territories as well. We decided there was no reason it needed to be named that and it should be a fictional name like the other chems, so we changed it to Med-X."

Well, there you have it. Looks like it wasn't that big of a deal afterall. Lastly, the violence in the game has been retained for all the versions, so don't you worry about that.