Eurogamer To Give Away 6,000 SOCOM: Confrontation Beta Keys (For UK Only)

Those of you on the other side of the Atlantic might have not heard much about those SOCOM: Confrontation beta keys since they were mentioned last month, but now we have a little bit of news for you guys in the UK. Apparently, Eurogamer will be have 6,000 of them to give out to UK gamers whenever the beta begins. No other information was available, but details should be announced in "the next few days."

Furthermore, late last week we learned that the US beta was delayed until September 5th. We knew that Europe was suppose to get the beta on the same day as the US, but as of now Eurogamer claims that "Sony has yet to confirm exact details for Europe," which hints at a delay. We'll keep you updated as soon as more information is released.

[Via Three Speech]