Nariko Sackgirl Pre-Order Bonus Goes To Best Buy

It's complete! Finally, we now know where all five American LittleBigPlanet pre-order bonuses can be located. The fifth piece, Narito Sackgirl, has now been revealed for Best Buy. With Kratos Sackboy available at Gamestop, a LBP sticker book at Circuit City, the canvas pouch at GameCrazy, and a digital game guide at Amazon, it'll definitely be difficult to decide which retailer to order from. We'll leave you to decide the right choice.

Now, how about those not blessed enough to live in the USA? Don't fear -- you haven't been forgotten. Plans for pre-order bonuses are still being ironed out. Canadians will only be getting two pre-order items: Kratos and Nariko in-game models. Kratos can be found at EB Games/Gamestop, while Nariko's retailer has yet to be revealed. Europeans can get Nariko from Play.