Pre-Order Legendary, Get Art Book and DVD

Legendary is set for release next month in September and if you're planning on picking it up, perhaps you'd like to avail of the free pre-order bonus. For putting down a few greenbacks early on Legendary, you'll get a nice little folder with a 30+ page art book and a DVD with five videos. You can get the items at participating retailers. With that said, we haven't seen any retailers listing the pre-order items yet, but we'd assume major chains and gaming stores like GameStop would be carrying them soon.

If you haven't yet heard of Legendary, it's a modern day FPS about a man who opens up Pandora's Box. He unknowingly unleashes mythical beasts upon the world such as Golems, Griffins, Werewolves, and Minotaurs. We've also got a clip after the break with the developers discussing what the game is all about, so be sure to watch that.