Battlefield: Bad Company Conquest Mode Coming August 7th

For a game that received so much attention early on due to its controversial weapons microtransaction scheme, it's interesting to note that the first major gameplay update to Battlefield: Bad Company is going to be absolutely free. (Well, you do of course need to buy the game before said update makes any sense.)

EA and BF:BC dev DICE have prepped a new multiplayer mode, Conquest, for deployment on Thursday (that's August 7 for the calendar-conscious). The match type actually originated in DICE's breakout hit, Battlefield 1942, and its exclusion from Bad Company came much to the chagrin of long-time series devotees. Well, now it's back, and playable on all BC maps that support the Gold Rush game mode. The update will hit the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Store simultaneously, so you're set for a a weekend of Conquest no matter which version you own.