Warhawk Trophies on August 27th

Did you hear that? That's the sound of you unlocking another Trophy. With PixelJunk Eden and Uncharted's recent patch, Trophies have been on the minds of PlayStation fans everywhere. Well, here's some more good news: popular online multiplayer game, Warhawk, will be sporting Trophies by the end of this month. SCEE reports that patch 1.5 will release on August 27th (we're assuming a global release, a la Uncharted).

There will be over 50 Trophies to collect, depending on the number of expansion packs you have installed with the game. Hopefully, Dylan Jobe is keeping his word about the Platinum Trophy: you should be able to get it without having any of the expansions.

Also, SCEE reports that the game will get in-game music support with this update as well. That's an impressive patch, no? See details on the various Trophies and features here.