Beta's Galore!

Been wondering what's going on with my life lately? Well, go ahead and continue reading to find out everything... Almost.

About 6 weeks ago I started back school which has really got in the way if my time being able to write here at the blog, as well as lowering my time to be able to enjoy my games. However, I've been able to sneak in some gameplay on the weekends and a few days during the past couple of weeks. As you can probably guess from the title of this post, I've gotten in some beta's. Can you guess which ones? That's right... MAG and Uncharted 2.

Thanks to a friend over at PlayUnwired, Mathew Saeger, I got the Uncharted 2 demo (some still call beta). I had some time to play it last week so I did. For those who care to know, I'm currently rank 3.

As for the MAG beta, I got it from a contest hosted by PSXExtreme in which you had to upload PS3 or PSP themes or wallpapers. Sadly, after getting into the beta, I had to wait for the game to download and install the new update, so the servers were down by the time I had the beta ready to go that night. The next day, yesterday, I have surgery on my thumb, so I am unable to use my PS3 controller that day and can't play. Even today, my birthday (YAY!) I can't play because of my thumb. My hopes are I can play next Thursday once my stitches are out.

That's pretty much my life in gaming for the past 6 weeks. I'll try to get back to everyone either this weekend of next week and tell you all how I like the Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy movie. If your interested in seeing it yourself, download it this Sunday on the movies official website.