GOBB’s Future Update #2

It’s been a while since I’ve last updated you and I’d like to just take a minute to write about what I, and others here at GOBB, have been working on.

Ever since pre-E3, I have been laying off on the posting due to a busier schedule as well as the other writers having the same thing happen with them. This caused a lack in news being brought on to GOBB and it just seemed that the site was going to fall straight into a big hole and never be able to recover from it (Maybe). However, that is not the case… A few weeks ago, the GOBB crew decided that we needed to expand the blog to reach out to more people, not just the PlayStation universe. So we came up with a plan. That plan also has a name: PlayUnwired.

What we intend to do with PlayUnwired is keep the same PlayStation news rolling in while also having other console’s thrown into the mix. So basically, PlayUnwired is going to be just like this, except newly designed and have news for every system.

I will have a concluding update sometime before the end of this week giving all the information that is needed to get started with our new experience.