PixelJunk 1-4 gets named

Back in April, Dylan Cuthbert made a post on the PlayStation.Blog allowing the PixelJunk fans to name the new PixelJunk 1-4 game. Today, he announced the winner, PixelJunk Shooter, and the runner-up names:

  • PixelJunk Depths - Thomas Ella
  • PixelJunk Atlantis - Takuhiro Hara
  • PixelJunk Caves - Chi Lo
  • PixelJunk Blaster - Edward Stumpfel
  • PixelJunk S.O.S! - Derrick Kross

All those would have been great names for the game, but I guess Shooter was the favorite. PixelJunk Shooter it is then. To make up for the lack of information on PixelJunk Shooter, I have posted the games debut trailer below for your viewing pleasure.