Target Price Matching Online Retailers Prices Year-Round

Target implemented a price-match program with online retailers during the holidays and that program is in full effect starting today. Target will now price-match any online retailers prices such as Amazon, Best Buy, and their own all year. This is exciting news to those who regularly purchase their PlayStation 3 games from Amazon, known for some of the best prices on video games. However, with Amazon's new state sale tax, customers may find new means of purchasing their games. Instead of ordering from Amazon and waiting for your game to come through the mail, you can purchase the same game at Target for the same price and take it home instantly. Not a bad move by Target I must say. Will other large retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy follow in their footsteps? Will this change the way you buy your video games? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. If it means better deals then Target will get my money.