Countdown to Kojima Productions “Next”

Kojima Productions has updated their mysterious website which now includes a countdown that stops on May 21st or 22nd depending on where you live. When a flash of lightening strikes, you get a brief view at the number 5 in the center of the page. Could this possibly mean that there will be a Metal Gear Solid 5?

Another thing that makes me believe that this website is teasing the “Next” Metal Gear Solid is because of the keywords I found by right-clicking the page and viewing the page info. There are as followed:

Hideo Kojima, MGS, METAL GEAR, NEXT, game, konami, kojima game, KJP, and Kojima Production.

Seeing that the keywords include MGS and METAL GEAR, I’m sure that Kojima’s next project will have something to do with the Metal Gear Solid series. Also, if your interested, check bellow for an image of a Japanese magazine teasing an announcement from Kojima on May 18th.