Metal Gear Solid 5: “There is definitely pressure”

In an interview with Kikizo, Hideo Kojima says there is “definitely pressure” to keep the Metal Gear series going. Yes, Kojima did say that MGS4 would be the final MGS game he planed on making, but we can’t forget that he said the same for MGS2 and MGS3.


Kojima also said that he has no intentions of working on smaller projects: "Anything I want to really get involved in will be a bigger project.” This kind of points out that if there is to be another Metal Gear, that Hideo Kojima would be involved in it.


Also, if you happened to catch Hideo Kojima’s keynote at GDC, you will know that he has yet to reach his goal of creating the ultimate stealth game. The odds of Metal Gear Solid 5? I say they are looking pretty good right now. I’m sure we will find out at E3 this year, as Kojima is supposed to announce what he is working on now that MGS4 is released.