Development Blog


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but lately we’ve been hard at work re-evaluating some of the design and management choices we made in the past. Several months ago we introduced the new look to GoBB as you can see on the site now. With it, we introduced many features, like a scalable link bar at the top of the page that resizes to your browsers resolution as well as better organization of content and of course advertisements (we have to make a profit out of this somehow right?). Also with the new design, we’ve inherited a whole new box of compatibility issues apart from the original design.


Dissatisfied with outlook of GoBB with the issues it has now, we’ve taken on the task of redesigning it from the ground up once more. Well, not quite from scratch. We’ve found a new template that we’re working to perfect that originated as a WordPress theme. With the conversion from WP to Blogger, this one has inevitably brought with it some flaws too. It isn’t automated like the WP counterpart. Basically, all that means is that we’re going to be doing a bit more CSS work with it on a regular basis to keep things updated and fresh so you guys aren’t reading the same news every week.


So far, I’d say we’re about 50% of the way done with making it work after about 7 leisurely work days. You can look forward to seeing this new beast of a blog sometime in the next week or two. Also, this post’s header is a sample of the new site, which may or may not remain as the new site’s header.


Check back here for more weekly development updates to find out what’s going on behind-the-scenes with GoBB.