Trophy List: Zuma


Zuma is a casually game from PopCap Games where as the player, you have to eliminate all of the balls rolling around the screen along a given path before you meet an evil skull.

Trophy List | Trophy Vault

Gold Trophy

From a Tadpole to a Frog
Rise to the Son of Sun rank in Gauntlet Mode

Silver Trophies

Quetzal Quatl Questing
Your adventure takes you through the Quetzal Quatl Temple

The Temple of the Tree Frog
Your adventure takes you through the Popo Poyolli Temple

Iron Frog
Your quest is complete. You have completed Adventure Mode

The Zen of Zuma
Finishing a level in 8 seconds or less takes great concentration

Get Rich Quick
Fill your treasure chest by collecting 100 coins

Win one for the Gapper!
Use your keen aiming skills to hit 100 gap shots

Bronze Trophies

Aces High
Ace time on 3 straight levels

Consecutive Consistency
Quick reactions and steady aim let you hit 20 straight chains

Interloper of Puny!
Your adventure takes you through the Temple of Zukulkan