GOBB Changes and Improvements


It was only a couple of weeks ago that GOBB got a “Shiny New Look” and was said that we have some more changes coming soon. Some of these changes have already taken place, but we just haven’t informed you of them completely. Things such as the changing of some of the regular post titles, the image at the top of our page showing our most important (or favorite) post, and a new Live group. I have more info on those changes and other improvements after the break.

Updated on March 22nd, 2009

Background Coming Soon (Hopefully) - I, Jacob, will be trying to get a background image for the blog so that you don't have to stare at a full white background. This shouldn't take but a couple of days, but depending on how the coding goes, this may or may not happen, so lets keep our fingers crossed that I have enough skills to pull this off correctly.

Update: We haven't forgot about adding the background, it's just a little harder than expected. Please note that we are still trying to get the coding right. It will be worth the wait. Trust us...

Changing Titles - If you haven’t noticed it already, we have been changing titles of some regular post that we make here on GOBB. Posts such as the PS3 and Blu-ray releases titles have changes to something more organized.

Favorite Post - What is this? This is the image that you see at the top of our blog right above all the post that we make. This is used to keep you aware of our contest, or other important things here on GOBB, so that you don’t have to hunt the original post down to find out how to enter. You will see this change when contests end and when important news comes up. (You will not always see an image at the top. If something important comes around, you'll find it there though.)

Live Group - I know that there are many things you have to sign up for to be part of everything on GOBB, but you enjoy every bit of it when you do right? Well, hopefully for the last time, you will now have to sign up for our Live Group to be able to do the following things:

  • View our galleries
  • Comment on our photos
  • Share your photos with us
GOBBOX -You will find this a little ways down the page on the right-hand side. The GOBBOX shows some of our most popular pages and things of that sort. Why is it so special? Well, it's images instead of plain old text. That's always more interesting isn't it?

Word Photos -You may have noticed Kris having links to photos for some of his words or phrases in some of his post before, and that is what I mean by "Word Photos." I, Jacob, will start doing this as well to give our readers something to look at as a description for that word.

Featured Video - You can find this under the GOBBOX feature on the right-hand side of the page. This section includes a video from our viddler account that either has not been added to a post, or is of much interest. We really hope you enjoy this.

Other - Along with the above changes/improvements, you will be seeing other small updates here and there every now and then. Things maybe like new side-bar links or features, new regular post titles, and more.

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