Playstation 2 hits 50 million units in North America

PS2, Still Alive And Kickin' It!


As you all may know, Sony’s PlayStation 2 may be a “last-gen” console, but it’s still doing great in the market. During it’s life, starting in 2000, the console has been through several revisions or “SKU’s” and price drops. This, coupled with the amazing number of games in it’s lineup, make it one of the greatest consoles to date. In fact, it just hit it’s 50 million mark, and that’s just in North America alone!


John Koller, the director of hardware marketing at SCEA, mentions how continued sales of the console are being fueled by lower income families and consumers looking to get in on all this gaming business. The PS2 still has a long life ahead of it.


We don’t intend on discarding the system any time soon,” says Koller.