Fanboys blatantly deny the existance of hierarchies

dontdeny I couldn’t help but share this with everyone after reading it (trying anyways). A 360 fanboy from Youtube tries to deny that the Playstation 3 has better graphics, sound, and CPU. Come on now… Seriously? Also, according to him the Wii is ahead of the PS3, and the 360 is ahead of the Wii. Here’s what he says:

The Wii kills the PS3 the Xbox 360 kills the Wii and PS3.

Anyways, if you feel like reading what seems to be a third grade persuasion essay, you can do so after the jump.

Graphics on the Xbox 360 is way bettter then PS3 hands down.Sounds are way better then PS3. For Exclusive Titles Xbox 360 has way more then PS3 by 20.The Xbox 360s CPU is way better then.Performance on the Xbox 360 is way better then PS3.The PS3 just sucks,and I have the Xbox 360,Wii,and the PS3.The Wii kills the PS3 the Xbox 360 kills the Wii and PS3.I before the Xbox 1 came out I was playing the PS1 I liked it till the PS2 came out then it just sucks,then I whent to the Gamecub,then they came out with the Wii It sucked.Then I boght the Xbox1 played that for a year and loved it so I got the Xbox 360 I love it so much.The PS3 is ok but the Xbox 360 is way better,and the only reasson pepole buy the PS3 is becaues 78% of all the pepole get it becaues of Blue Ray but Blue ray sucks.I own a Blue Ray and it is ok, but HD DVD is way better.Hd DVD is comeing back at the beginning of 2009 HD is comeing back.

I didn’t edit the above text at all, so what you read is what I read.