Sony Plans for Home to Sell Systems



As a follow to last week’s Home Beta launch, Sony has been optimistically touting it’s baby, claiming it will be a new reason to buy a PS3. With all the time and money spent on this shiny new matchmaking system, they want to make sure consumers aren’t going to give up on it.

As third parties continually support home with their own custom content, we’ll likely see an increase in Home’s usefulness. SCEE service manager, Dan Hill, expects to see a much greater reason for the service.

... In time I would say that Home will definitely become a reason to purchase [PS3], he told CVG. "Today, we are at the beginning of a long journey - now is the time to start its evolution.

The PlayStation Network is getting better all the time and Home is integral to our online offering. If you buy a PS3 and you grow with us, as Home evolves, you are going to become part of something very special, something unlike you can experience anywhere else.

As Home will indeed evolve over time, do you think we’ll see more revolutionary ideas implemented in it (User generated content, greater social aspects, real-time movies streamed via Theatre), or will the above video be the future of PS3? Will this be a system seller for you guys?