New Metal Gear Solid Philanthropy Webspot

I am not sure if you have heard of Philanthropy or not, so I’m going to explain it a little. Metal Gear Solid Philanthropy is a fan-made film based on the games of Hideo Kojima. And yes, that game is Metal Gear Solid of course. I’m sure we’ve all heard or hoped of a Hollywood movie based on the Metal Gear Solid series, and we may be getting one, but for now, we have this astonishing new webspot for the fan-made film.

More info and two trailers can be found after the break.

Here is a post I made on some forums about this move. Enjoy the info and two trailers follow after.
MGS: Philanthropy is officially postponed to winter '08. Until the very last minute we'd hoped we could have kept true to our promise of a summer release. Despite our best efforts though, we just couldn't find the location for the last, vital scene of the film in time.
This scene was originally scheduled to be shot last February, but the location we were planning to use was demolished before the expected date. Since then, we have been trying to secure two other locations, but both of them ended up in a series of issues and further delays.
The rest of the film has been almost entirely post-produced. Alas, it cannot be shown yet, as this last all-out action sequence is a fundamental part of the film, one we just can't do without. We sincerely apologise for not having informed you about the delay any sooner. We wanted to make sure we knew how much longer was needed first, but because of the precarious nature of the situation, we unfortunately had to proceed with due caution.

About The Movie
Metal Gear Solid Philanthropy is a Fan-Based movie, created by Italians, based on the game Metal Gear Solid, developed by Hideo Kojima. The movie will be non-profitable and free to download on the official website of the project. Below are some trailers you can view to see how great this movie looks.

Also don’t forget to view the Official Website.