Trophy List: echochrome

image Remember echochrome, the puzzling game where you move your angles to create paths for you to walk on or fall through or whatever? Well, get ready to bring the game back because you will be able to grab 10 trophies from it. They all seem pretty easy at that as well. Check the list out after the break.

Gold Trophies
Total traversal
Complete courses A to G.

echochrome master
Collect all the trophies.

Silver Trophy

Complete all stages in A to G.

Bronze Trophies

Half the journey
Complete all stages in A to D.
Rock bottom
Fall 100 times while playing stages.
Flyin' high
Leap 100 times while playing stages.
Take a hike
Take 10,000 steps while playing stages.
Collect 500 echoes.
Complete 100 stages in any mode.
Gimme five
Upload five stages.