Sony Promises More Playstaion 1 Titles To The Playstation Store

image Many of us who own a Playstation 3 have probably had a recent Playstation console as well; one of those being the Playstation 1. We have all played the great retro titles such as Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII, and we loved them. While Japan gets all the retro attention they can get, other parts of the world are left almost empty in the retro fix on the Playstation Store. Don’t cry yet because here’s the good new… John Koller promises that there will be more PSone titles released to the Playstation Store soon. Here is a direct quote from Koller to MTV Multiplayer:

"Yes, we are working on further PSone additions to the PS Store and should see those launch shortly."

Oh joy, oh joy… Just can’t wait to go back and play those classics which secretly disappear over time.