inFamous Trophy Support Confirmed!


Anyone who has been paying attention to inFamous would probably say it looks pretty good. Not only do the visuals look great, but almost everything about this game just makes me want to play it. I was already addicted enough before, but now that I’ve read about it getting trophy support, it just makes it worse. The game developers themselves confirm that trophies are coming to inFamous and they say trophies are like “videogame crack.” Read the statement about trophy support from the interview below.

sigmagoat asks: Will there be things to collect like different outfits? And will there be Trophy and Sixaxis support?
Nate Fox: We'd be complete and total jackasses not to support Trophies - they are videogame crack and everybody knows it.

If you would like to read the full interview, click here. And again, I will be bringing you this trophy list as soon as we get it.