Home Patch v. 1.00 Now Available For Beta Testers


Home now has a new patch to download for its beta testers, which I have still not been able to get into, which is pretty exciting I must say. First off, it changes the way you launch Home. You used to start the beta from the “Game” section of the XMB, but now it has been switched over to the “Playstation Network” section which seems a bit more appropriate for Home.

One of the biggest things in this update is the Club system. The Club feature allows players to create clubhouses, where up to 32 people can meet up. Bad news for the system however is that this feature will be a paid service when the full release of Home comes around.

Also in this update, the virtual PSP is no longer in the game and has been replaced with a menu screen like the one shown in the image above. More updates to the beta include some of the following:

  • Various areas have been renamed.
  • Online manual and tutorial has been added.
  • Background download new areas.