Playstation Network: Burn Zombie Burn


Publisher: Doublesix

Release: January 2009

Genre: Arcade Shooter

Description: In Burn Zombie Burn, you play as a character named Bruce. Throughout the game you will find yourself fighting off zombie masses while trying to reach the top of the leaderboards. Since this is an arcade shooter, your goal is to build up as high of a score as you possibly can. You can also achieve multipliers by setting zombies on fire, however, this could be dangerous because it makes them run faster. (I can see why they would.)

There will be several different game modes for you to enjoy, along with lots of weapons, eight types of zombies, and two-player co-op and versus modes. Sadly, we don’t know yet if this game will be online, offline, or both.

Prepare for more great burning zombie news from Doublesix because it will surely be attacking our blog.