WipEout HD: 8 tracks, 38 Trophies, 1080p, 60fps, 100% awesome

You should know how excited we are for WipEout HD. The long-delayed futuristic racer is coming out in the next few weeks, and will come at a budget price sure to make us all rather pleased. Although its a budget downloadable title, it's production values speak otherwise. There's going to be a lot of content, as this intial release already features 8 tracks (6 from WipEout Pure, 2 from WipEout Pulse) -- and there are variations of the same track as well, with mirroring and Zone mode.

Obviously, many people will be speaking about the game's incredible visuals: 1080p, 60fps -- almost unheard of in this generation of games. Yet, somehow the guys at Studio Liverpool have been able to pull it off while making the game look as good as it does.

Yes, there are also Trophies in the game (including a Platinum Trophy, as mentioned earlier). There will be 38 Trophies in all, some which are ridiculously easy (such as simply taking a picture in Photo Mode). Obviously, there will be some eye-bleeding Trophies to be caught in harder, faster difficulties.