SOCOM download codes are coming today for those who bought Qore

Do you remember, way back in the mists of time (well, three months ago ...) when you were given a choice? To buy Qore or not to buy Qore. For those of you who did, today is the day that it pays off, particularly if you're a SOCOM fan. There's a chance you're already in the beta but, if not, you should be receiving and email today with download instructions for the game client. Check out the PlayStation Blog to get a sneak peek at those instructions before they drop at around 5pm PST.

The beta won't be available for download within Qore ep 1, so if you've been keeping it on your HDD for that reason you can feel free to delete it now. Only with the download code, redeemable through the Account Management menu of the XMB, will you be able to access the game. Remember, this is a beta, not a demo. We don't want to hear any whingeing about how bits and pieces are broken or buggy. Tell the appropriate people on the beta forum and they'll do their best to fix them before the full game releases.