LittleBigChallenge: Design A SackBoy Costume DLC

Sick of using papercraft to show off your artistic side? Here's a contest for you LittleBigPlanet fanatics: design a costume for either SackBoy or SackGirl, and if your costume is chosen, it will become free DLC in the future. Three winners will be chosen: one from Europe, one from the US (sorry Canada and Mexico) and one from Japan. Just use the above template and use an image editor of your choice to create your costume design. Apparently the judges are looking more for a great concept than a great Photoshop expert, so don't worry if your image editing skills aren't top-notch. Another warning is to avoid smaller details that will be hard to see in-game.

When your design is ready, just send an e-mail with your design attached to with "My Sackboy Costume" as the subject line by 11:59 PM PST on September 30th. Include your full name, date of birth and PSN Online ID in the e-mail. Additional contest rules are after the jump. Good luck!

Contest Rules

Click Here to Download Official Contest Rules
  • Your SackBoy costume should be all your own work; don't use existing logos or designs, content or imagery created by someone else. So that means no Spidey or Mr T costumes, you crazy fool!
  • Only one costume design can be submitted per person.
  • Do not resize the template – YxZ is just perfect the way it is.
  • Only JPEG Format will be accepted for your design submissions.
  • No questionable content; by that we mean stuff that's illegal, gross or otherwise likely to give us nightmares.
  • Further contest terms and conditions can be found here.

Important information for participants under the age of 13.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept contest entries from anyone under the age of 13. If you're under the age of 13, you will need to ask a parent or guardian to send your costume design to us on your behalf. This is just so that we can be sure that you have their permission to take part in this design contest and for us to process your information.

Your parent or guardian will need to send an email from their own email account to t to with your design attached, as a JPEG, and include the following information:

  • Full name of the parent/guardian and their relationship to you
  • Your full name
  • Your age
  • What state you and your parent/guardian live
  • Confirmation from your parent or guardian that they are happy for you to participate in this contest, and that they understand that the information we've requested will only be used for the administration of the competition, which may include (if your design has been selected as a winning entry) the publication of a winner announcement on the competition web page stating your name and country of residence.