Pixel Junk Eden Trophy Guide

Having trouble with PixelJunk Eden? We don't blame you. Some of these trophies are pretty tough and most of them are only bronze! It hardly seems worth trying, does it? Don't be silly, we know your inner geek is screaming for more trophies, no matter how little they add to your PSN level. Don't fret, then. We're here to help you obtain these tricky trophies with our handy guide. Let's get started.

General Tips:
  • Try playing with a friend. Many of the Trophies are much easier to accomplish with two or three players. In fact, one Trophy requires three players.
  • When swinging, you'll notice a radar effect which shows you the direction of the next Spectra. Use this when lost.
  • Spectra refill all your time. For some Trophies, you may want to save Spectra until you are running low on time.
  • Practice using the SIXAXIS to thrust downward. You can defeat enemies this way, and if you happen to collide into them, you'll earn a lot more pollen. If you thrust downward and then use a thread, you'll continue to get the pollen bonus. A single prowler can fill most seeds when you use your SIXAXIS.

All Seeds 01 - Open all seeds in garden 01
Bronze | Difficulty: Easy
Relatively easy, this one. Though we suggest you play through a few gardens normally before going for this trophy. That will give you time to get used to the controls. There's no real trick to Garden 1, just work through it systematically. Keep an eye on your oscillator and take advantage of the many crystals littering the level to keep refilling the time limit. There's a MegaSeed in Garden 1, which takes a little more pollen than the others. Combos will help you fill it quickly.

All Seeds 02 - Open all seeds in garden 02
Bronze | Difficulty: Easy
Garden 2 contains 41 Seeds to be opened. Again, this shouldn't give you too much trouble. Simply work your way through, paying attention to where the pollen is flying. Don't forget that shaking your controller mid-jump will send you plummeting towards the ground. Any prowlers you defeat on the way down will give substantially more pollen than normal. If you're having trouble getting all the seeds, go through and get all the Spectra before reattempting. This allow you to learn your way around the level and there's a chance you may get the trophy accidentally as you do so. Garden 2 requires 2 Spectra to access.

All Seeds 03 - Open all seeds in garden 03
Bronze | Difficulty: Easy
Garden 3 contains 31 Seeds to be opened. This level has a large number of prowlers and, apart from the hexagonal prowler, isn't that different from the first two. The hexagonal prowler will hunt you down. Spin into it to split it into six pieces, then spin into those for a pollen boost. There are a few MegaSeeds in this level, but other than that you'll be doing the same thing as before. Work your way around systematically and pay attention to where the pollen is floating off to. If you're still having trouble, collect tall five Spectra first so you know you way around. Garden 3 requires 4 Spectra to access.

All Seeds 04 - Open all seeds in garden 04
Bronze | Difficulty: Moderate
Garden 4 contains 25 Seeds to be opened. From here on out the levels start becoming rockier, with empty seeds hiding in the rocky nooks and crannies of the garden. As usual, keep an eye on your oscillator and make your way methodically through the level. As a lot of the environment is rock based, you won't be able to rely on sweeping up pollen with your silk. Instead, spin through prowlers and make sure you land safely where you need to be. Spinning will draw pollen towards you.

All Seeds 05 - Open all seeds in garden 05
Bronze | Difficulty: Moderate
Garden 5 contains 29 Seeds to be opened. From this garden onwards the normal pollen prowlers you encounter are stronger. They can only be destroyed by coming into contact with your body and will weaken your silk if you swing around them. Use the Grimp launchers to your advantage to get in and out of the two enclosed "valleys" of the level. Make sure you've explored and opened all the seeds in each before moving on to the next. Be watchful of your oscillator and don't waste any large crystals. You'll need them. In the first enclosed area, use the launcher to fly up and down the chasm catching as many prowlers as you can. This is a quick way to fill up most of the seeds.

All Seeds 06 - Open all seeds in garden 06
Bronze | Difficulty: Hard
Garden 6 contains 27 Seeds to be opened. It is the first level to involve teleporters and the design is such that there is no "correct" way through. The levels start getting tougher from here on out, but keep using the same methods as before and you should get there in the end. Again, we suggest you try for this trophy only after you've successfully retrieved at least four Spectra from the garden, so that you know your way around. The teleporters can be confusing at first, but you soon learn how they all fit together.

There is a sneaky-secret MegaSeed to the right of where you first begin in the level. Take the teleport out and work your way over the rocks to the other side. Keep jumping to the right and you will find it. Chances are, you'll miss this one unless you're told about it (we found it by accident!) Garden 6 requires 17 Spectra to access.

All Seeds 07 - Open all seeds in garden 07
Bronze | Difficulty: Very Hard
Use this map to make life a lot easier. You'll want to stay organized and get all the seeds in one area before moving on. Garden 7 contains 49 Seeds and, let's get one thing straight. Garden 7 will mess with your head, thanks to the cursed Gravity Prowler. There is no one way to get this trophy, just make strategic use of Spectra and make your way around the level methodically. If you can play through the levels a few times, making mental notes of where the seeds are and where the Gravity Prowler likes to hide, this will be much easier. There are a few points within the level where he will keep coming back, so you can take advantage of this by waiting around until gravity is going the way you want it to again.

The most annoying seeds to open are the four Megaseeds surrounding the enclosed Spectra. The best way to do this is to kill prowlers by shaking the controller. This will make them explode in a much bigger cloud of pollen, but keep in mind that you have to shake the controller in the direction that the gravity is going. To maximize your time, only grab Spectra when your oscillator is really low. Garden 7 requires 20 Spectra to access.

All Seeds 08 - Open all seeds in garden 08
Bronze | Difficulty: Hard
Use this map to make life a lot easier. You'll want to stay organized and get all the seeds in one area before moving on. Garden 8 contains 78 Seeds to be opened. Yeah, you read that correctly. 78 of them. Garden 8 is a weird one, too. There are several sections to it: a top plateau, accessed via a launcher at the bottom, a vertical island with elevators either side and a set of three gateways, leading to the final Spectra. If you don't know what we're talking about, we suggest you play through and get all 5 Spectra first so that you know your way around. Work through the level systematically, making sure you miss no seeds. At each of the gateways, there's a teleporter located slightly above. Jump in to be taken to a secret island with a few seeds you might otherwise miss. Each gateway has one of these islands.

Time is not on your side in this garden, so move as swiftly as you can with as few mistakes as possible. There are many large crystals available near the beginning of the level, but very few later on. Once you reach the final puzzle, you'll need to pull the levers in the correct order. Check out the video below to see which levers to pull. Much easier than us trying to explain it in actual words. Garden 8 requires 25 Spectra to access.

All Seeds 09 - Open all seeds in garden 09
Bronze | Difficulty: Moderate
Use this map to make life a lot easier. You'll want to stay organized and get all the seeds in one area before moving on. Garden 9 contains 36 Seeds to be opened. That's a lot less than before. Thankfully, this level is much smaller than previous ones, making it a much easier level than the previous two. There's only one thing you'll have to worry about: enemies that drain your remaining time. Avoid the glowing mines with careful jumps, and when you see a circular enemy making a shrieking noise, try killing it or going off screen. At this point, you should be a Eden master, so this level should be a breeze. Garden 9 requires 29 Spectra to access.

All Seeds 10 - Open all seeds in garden 10
Bronze | Difficulty: Very Hard
Use this map to make life a lot easier. You'll want to stay organized and get all the seeds in one area before moving on. Garden 10 contains 74 Seeds to be opened. Here it is folks! The final level. The wind blows to the left and right in this level. Either use it to your advantage, or make sure you're stuck on something before the wind blows. Look at the background to see when it will blow.

Because this level features a challenging boss at the top, we recommend that when attempting this Trophy, you go for the top Spectra first. Remember to open as many seeds along the way, especially at the top, so that you will create a safety net while fighting the boss. You actually can kill the boss, rather easily too. When he tries to suck you in, make sure you are safely clinging to a plant. Immediately after his attack, he will be vulnerable. Simply jump into him and he'll be dead. Once you pick up that Spectra and open all the seeds in that area, we recommend you do the right half first. The left features two Spectra right next to each other: you'll want to end your time there. Once you get rid of the boss, it's all about finding the remaining seeds. Remember, use the map and be very organized. Garden 10 requires 35 Spectra to access.

All Gardens Clear - Get a Spectra in each garden
Bronze | Difficulty: Moderate
Not the hardest Trophy in the game, but this does require you to get 35 Spectra, which will grant you access to all 10 Gardens. Once you've done this simply do your best to get one Spectra from each level. Gardens 8, 9 and 10 are pretty tough but getting the first Spectra in each shouldn't be too much of a stretch.

Combo Ten - Pollen Prowler combo x 10
Bronze | Difficulty: Easy
Got any friends? If so, this Trophy is much easier (and more fun!) to get. In two or three player co-op, simply find an area with a large concentration of prowlers and synchronize your jumps from different points on the screen so that you can swing around and hit as many as possible. This is easiest in the earlier levels, before the prowlers start become impervious to your silk thread.

If you're lacking people to play with, this is still doable, but requires some skill. In Garden 3 you'll be followed around by a pesky hexagonal prowler. Lure it to an area full of floaty prowlers and spin into it, scattering it into six parts. Try and scoop up all six parts, along with any other prowlers that might be floating around. With any luck, you should grab at least 10.

Combo Fifteen - Pollen Prowler combo x 15
Bronze | Difficulty: Hard
Again, this is much easier in co-op mode, but it is possible to do it solo. Garden 3 is your best bet, thanks to the large quantities of prowlers, not to mention the six-in-one hexagonal enemy. Be patient and wait for a group of prowlers to congregate around one area and just hope that you can scoop them all up. This one might take a bit of practice.

Another option is to go to Garden 4. There is a glitch which will generate a lot of Spectra. Start by jumping up to the top of the initial plant. Swing to make the camera zoom out. Then, go to the right, off screen to make sure the plant is no longer visible. Then go back. If done corrrectly, you'll notice at least 15 Spectra for you to swing into. Another tip: remember that if you hold X after a jump, you will go through plants. If you're shy of reaching your goal, hold X and you may be able to land yourself through a few more Spectra.

The Hundred Thousander - Get 100,000 pollen in one garden
Bronze | Difficulty: Hard
Remember: this is pollen, not score. The number at the bottom of your screen is not the amount of pollen you have Garden 3 or 4 is your best bet, here. These levels not only contain the most prowlers, but they're too early in the game for the enemies to fight back (or weaken your silk thread). This means getting combos is much easier. Also, you might want to try doing this with a couple of friends. It's pretty handy having a couple of backup players to catch any pollen that goes AWOL. (It also makes doing combos much easier.) Don't forget to use the SIXAXIS trick to generate more pollen! Work your way systematically around the level, leaving the Spectra until the last possible moment. Take advantage of any crystals to prolong your time and remember that the more Spectra you have, the shorter your lifespan is. Good luck, this one takes a while ...

500 Dead Pollen Prowlers
- 500 Pollen Prowlers killed
Bronze | Difficulty: Moderate
Pretty easy, but takes a little while. We did this in Garden 1, but it can be done in any Garden where you know the locations of big crystals and Spectra. The idea is to kill as many prowlers as possible, whilst keeping an eye on your oscillator. A good strategy we used was to camp out near a Spectra, gathering up as many prowlers as possible until the oscillator almost runs out. At this point, grab the Spectra and make your way to the next one, killing prowlers as you go. There's no indication of how many you've done, so just keep going until you get the trophy.

Ten Minute Grimp - Get all 5 Spectra from a garden within 10 minutes
Bronze | Difficulty: Moderate
This is obviously easiest on Garden 1. Take your time to learn the layout of the garden as you go through it the first four or five times. Take advantage of using your grimp's silk thread radar to find the nearest Spectra and head straight for it. Combos are your friend, here. Collect as much pollen as you can as you go. If the pollen goes nowhere, advance further towards your goal. Ideally you want to have most seeds ready to sprout as soon as you find them, making your trip through the level that much quicker and more efficient. Additionally, you can shake the controller mid-jump to send your grimp rocketing downwards. Any pollen prowlers you burst during your descent will yield a lot more pollen than normal. You can use this to your advantage to open more seeds much quicker. Keep trying; you'll get there in the end. Also, don't worry about making the 10 minute mark exactly. You can actually go above by a few seconds, and the Trophy will be awarded.

Fifteen Crystals - Get fifteen crystals in a single jump
Bronze | Difficulty: Easy
When it says "in a single jump," it means it. You can't get this trophy by swinging from your silk. The easiest way to get this is to utilize the launchers in Garden 5. Launch out of the first enclosed area and make sure you catch the launcher at the top of the level. Don't spin through it! Once you're launched from here, make sure you're spinning and you will be shot straight through any vegetation and into the Spectra, along with a nice collection of crystals underneath. Trophy get!

Zero Wasted Pollen - Open all Spectra in a garden without missing any pollen
Bronze | Difficulty: Very Hard
While not as impossible as it sounds at first, this Trophy is still pretty tough. A key trick is to look at your score: if you haven't missed any pollen, the last digit will always be zero. If you notice any other number there, look for any stray pollen. If you can't see anything, you've already messed up -- you should restart the level. You just have to be really careful. Make it easy for yourself and stick to Garden 1 and try to keep combos to a minimum. 2-prowler combos are ok, and can give you a manageable pollen boost, while 3+ combos can often create too much pollen to deal with without wasting time. Make an effort to spin through prowlers, particularly from directly above or below, as this will draw all the pollen towards you.

Play close to the screen so that you can see all the pollen (some pieces are made up of only three or four pixels) and if you're playing in standard definition ... well, good luck! If you miss any pollen then you can use your silk to snatch it out of the air, then press L2 or R2 to pull yourself back in without hitting any unnecessary prowlers.

The second biggest annoyance, after the time limit, is Garden 1's MegaSeed, which requires a lot of pollen to fill up and will slowly empty over time (unless fully filled). This is located at the top-right of the level and we found saving this one for last helped as our oscillator was completely full after grabbing the Spectra at the very top of the level. Use 2- and (if you're really careful) 3-prowler combos to fill the MegaSeed as fast as you can.

Three Play Ping Pong - In 3p mode, trapeze jump between two swinging Grimps
Bronze | Difficulty: Very Easy
This one's easy, if you've got a couple of spare friends lying around (not to mention a couple of controllers). The description is a little misleading, though. The assumption is that you need to complete this only once to get it to register, but the reality is you need repeat it a few times. The best location for this is in the level select screen, as you're not limited for time. Two players play the role of the catcher/thrower, while another takes on the role of the "ball."

The ball should jump from one swinging Grimp into the air, where the third Grimp should jump into the air to catch them. Keep repeating that and you'll eventually start spawning crystal circles, which lets you know you're doing it right. Soon after this you should get the trophy.

All Spectra Found - Get all the Spectra in all gardens
Silver | Difficulty: Very Hard
In case you haven't noticed by now, this is a PixelJunk game. Even without having played it you should realise it's going to get tough. The later levels are pretty intense and take a lot of exploring to navigate, but perservere and keep using the skills listed above to work your way through. If you're stuck on one Garden, move onto another and come back to it. This is the only non-bronze trophy in the game, so it's worth getting. It also unlocks custom soundtracks. Awesome, now you can try for those All Seeds trophies whilst listening to your own music!